California Fun Toys

california fun toys

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california fun toys - The Kids'

The Kids' Fun Book of Jewish Time

The Kids' Fun Book of Jewish Time

A unique way to introduce children to the Jewish calendar--night and day, the seven-day week, Shabbat, the Hebrew months, seasons and dates.
Slide the sun down
Pull the tab to "light" Shabbat candles
Turn the wheel to watch three stars come out
Play with reflections in the Havdalah candle's flame
Rotate phases of the moon to find the new month
Match the seasons
Lift flaps to learn Hebrew dates
With this fun and engaging book children will gain an understanding of the structure underlying Jewish holidays throughout the year.

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Belle and Her Sunshine Toy, aka An Evening's Entertainment

Belle and Her Sunshine Toy, aka An Evening's Entertainment

Fri 05.23.04 - Every evening Belle wants to play tug of war and catch with the Sunshine toy. Given that my brother and his GF went for a long holiday over this Memorial Day weekend, I said that I would dogsit Belle since they dogsat Scruffy while I was in London last week. So, Belle is here with me until Tuesday.

I like how my Nokia N95's video "flash" gave red devil eyes. She is obsessed with her toys, esp. anything round or spherical...

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

An ornament on the Disneyland Christmas Tree -- a solitary toy soldier, standing at attention...

california fun toys

california fun toys

The Captain Underpants Extra-Crunchy Book o' Fun

Fans of the Captain Underpants series will have tons o' fun with this activity book featuring George, Harold, Captain Underpants and the bad guys from the first four books. Readers can test their knowledge with puzzles, games, cool comics, drawing tips, trivia, and more! They can also create their own comic strips, just like Dav Pilkey does. And of course there are plenty of cheesy jokes, guaranteeing lots-o-laffs!

Comics! Puzzles! Jokes! Laffs! Flip-O-Rama! Stickers! Sound too good to be true? Captain Underpants (The Adventures of Captain Underpants: An Epic Novel, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants, etc.) is all about making readers happy, especially in this "really cheesy" (hey, the captain said it, not me) activity book starring everyone's favorite wedgie-powered superhero and his fourth-grade creators, George and Harold. Learn how to write your very own comic book, solve word-find puzzles, find your way out of Doctor Diaper's Devastating Diaper of Doom maze, pick up a few prank tips, make flip-o-rama pictures, complete the Cafeteria Ladies' Crazy Crossword, read all about Hairy Potty, the evil nuclear waste-enhanced toilet with werewolf fangs, and so much more. The exquisitely juvenile humor and (intentionally) unsophisticated artwork will have even reluctant readers clamoring for more from the very talented and irreverent Dav Pilkey. Pass the final exam and you can send away for your P.H.D. (Pilkey Honorary Diploma), make-it-yourself graduation cap with real artificial tassels, and a membership card. All three Terrifying Name Change-O-Charts 2000 are included, as well as a sheet of full-color stickers featuring Turbo Toilet, jockey-clad Captain Underpants, and the snickering troublemakers, George and Harold. (Ages 7 to 10) --Emilie Coulter

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